Coronavirus: Claim of the defence minister of this country, said- we have made corona vaccine

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New Delhi: Relief has come amidst the havoc of coronavirus released worldwide. Israel has claimed to have made the virus vaccine. Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday that the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has succeeded in isolating antibodies to the coronavirus. Bennett also visited IIBR on Monday.

According to the statement issued by Israel, “Bennett visited Israel’s Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Giona on Monday and was shown ‘antibodies that attack the virus and make it ineffective inside patients’ bodies’ Can. “

This statement said that the antibody has been developed and now the institute is in the process of patenting it and in the next phase, the researchers will contact international companies to produce the antibody on a commercial scale.

The antibody that IIBR has received is monoclonal. That is, the patients who have been cured of the coronavirus infection, have been separated from their single recurved cells. The antibodies that had been isolated earlier were polyclonal, ie isolated from two or more cells.

Bennett said, “I am proud of the biological staff who have achieved such great success.” Bennett said in his statement that IIBR has developed a ‘monoclonal neutralizing antibody’. It can be used to neutralize the carrier body that spreads the coronavirus.

The director of IIBR said that the antibody formula is being patented, after which international manufacturers will start mass production. All legal procedures will be completed with the Ministry of Defence soon. The IIBR is under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office and was entrusted with the responsibility of developing the coronavirus vaccine.

In March, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported to medical sources that scientists at the institute had made a significant achievement in understanding the biological system and characteristics of the virus, including its superior diagnostic ability, the development of antibodies and vaccines for patients, etc. Are included. It is not clear at the moment whether the achievement presented before Bennett is the sequel to the news in March? No more details have been given. The statement does not say whether the person has been tested or not? IIBR may have conducted some clinical trials. Researchers have identified a protein that is capable of eradicating the virus in the patient’s body. The institute will publish research about its findings soon.

Last month, IIBR announced that it has started testing antibody-based vaccines. IIBR is also doing the work of plasma collection from those who have been cured of the corona epidemic. With the hope that this will help in further research on this virus. Israel’s second research team, MigVax, has also said that it is in the final stages of making a coronavirus vaccine.

(Input: Reuters)


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