Coronavirus also arrives at the embassy, Tanzania’s defence adviser posted in India dies

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New Delhi: An official of the Tanzania High Commission in the national capital Delhi died of coronavirus. He was posted as Defense Advisor in the High Commission. In India, this is probably the first case of death of an employee of a foreign mission due to infection.

Health was worsened on 27 April

According to people aware of the case, Colonel Moses Beatus Malula was posted in Tanzania High Commission in Delhi. His health suddenly worsened on 27 April. He was taken to a large private hospital for treatment but he could not get a bed there. Due to which the hospital refused to admit him.

Seeks help from Indian Army

After this, the Tanzania High Commission contacted the Indian Army and asked for help. The Indian Army took immediate action and admitted him to the 92 Base Hospital in Delhi Cantonment. Along with this, a team has also been formed for his treatment.

Died on 28 April

Despite these efforts of the Indian Army, he died at around 3 pm on 28 April. Indian officials have not given any official information about this. However, Tanzania High Commission has mentioned the death of Malula in an internal dialogue with foreign missions and agencies of the United Nations.

Brake on corona speed?

Let it be said that there has been some break at the uncontrollable pace of Coronavirus infection in the country. According to data from the Union Health Ministry, 3,68,147 new cases of corona have been reported in India in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 3,417 people died due to Corona infection, but reaching Corona in the embassies is considered a matter of concern.


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