Coronavirus Air Borne Study: WHO finally accepted, ‘Corona can spread through the air’

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New Delhi: After almost a year of confusion, the WHO or the World Health Organization finally agreed to this. While the World Health Organization, which declared the coronavirus as an epidemic, has so far rejected any such claims. For this, there was no reference from any kind of evidence from WHO.

While the World Health Organization has so far denied any such claims declaring Covid-19 as an epidemic, the revelations associated with the mystery of the coronavirus are just as sensational. Till the vaccine is not available, the emphasis of the whole world is only on defence, perhaps this is why after the masks, gloves, sanitiser and social distancing, there was a round of home remedies. As many mouths, as much as the methods of rescue, however, the pace of the coronavirus continues in almost all countries.

People are becoming increasingly infected because people take as much carelessness as possible in defence. There is nothing to infect the coronavirus. Whereas till now it was being claimed that if we just follow social distancing. So to a large extent, he can avoid infection. But now it is being claimed that even a distance of two meters is not enough for social distancing. Meaning if a healthy person is also two meters away from a corona infected person. Even then, the risk of spreading the infection remains there. According to the American Institute of Physics, two meters from coughing or sneezing is no longer enough to avoid infection with the coronavirus. It has been learned that corona particles can reach up to six meters even with the wind moving at a speed of 4 km per hour. According to a report published in the Journal of Physics of Fluids, when the speed of air is zero, a person’s coughing droplets of saliva cannot reach even 2 meters.

But if the wind speed is between 4 km to 15 km per hour, droplets of saliva were seen to go up to 6 m in the wind direction. At a speed of 15 km, a drop of saliva reaches 6 meters in 1.6 seconds. On this basis, it is being claimed that two meters of the social distance of two people are not enough. And when it comes to crowded places, it will have very fatal consequences.


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