Corona Vaccination: Russian vaccine to arrive in India on 1st May, the first shipment of Sputnik V, RDIF gives information

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New Delhi: In the wake of the devastation caused by the second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic (Corona Second Wave India), two good news came out on Tuesday. On the one hand, there has been some decrease in new cases of corona in the country, on the other hand, to save the countrymen from corona, another Brahmastra i.e. Corona Vaccine Sputnik V of Russia is going to reach India.

The first batch will arrive in India on May 1

Significantly, the world’s largest corona vaccination campaign is going on in India at this time. The government has approved the emergency use of the Corona vaccine, approved by drug regulators in the US, Europe, Russia and Japan, to control the situation. The first shipment will be received on 1 May.

This information was given by Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). However, it is not yet clear how many doses will be in this first batch.

Vaccination continues at war level

It is believed that this Russian corona vaccine may also prove to be a panacea in the current state of corona in the country. Significantly, in the meantime, France, Germany, Britain and the United States have also given help to help in the current conditions of the country. Some countries have promised to send medical aid to India immediately. Meanwhile, the Government of India is working day and night to keep the countrymen safe and provide better treatment to the sick.

Deal of millions of doses

According to the information received, Russia has already signed agreements with five major Indian manufacturers for more than 850 million doses of vaccine in a year with India. At the same time, RDIF, which does global marketing of the vaccine, says that the vaccine production in India is expected to reach 50 million doses by summer.


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