Corona: Vaccination of people above 18 years of age will start from May 1, the central government announced

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New Delhi: To curb the graph of the fastest-growing Coronavirus in the country, the Government of India has approved the introduction of Corona Vaccine from May 1 to all people above the age of 18 years. After holding an online meeting with health officials on Monday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken this important decision.

The third phase will start from May 1

PM Modi said, ‘For the last one year, the government is trying its best to get the maximum number of people to be vaccinated. Therefore, we have now decided to speed up the vaccination process. The third phase of corona vaccination will start from May 1, and this day people above the age of 18 will also be able to get the corona vaccine.

Will the cost of the vaccine be paid?

Till now people above 45 years of age were being given the Corona vaccine free in government hospitals. But the government has not yet stated whether people above the age of 18 will have to pay the price for the vaccine or not. It is expected that prices will be announced by the Center soon.

States given power to accelerate vaccination

Vaccine purchase rules have been relaxed so that there is no shortage of vaccine in the third phase. Apart from this, the states have now been given the right to take additional supplements directly from the vaccine manufacturers. Under this, the vaccine manufacturer will now be able to send the stock up to 50 per cent of the total capacity of its supply to the state governments and open the market at the previously announced prices.

‘Vaccination’ biggest weapon against Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described vaccination as the biggest weapon in the fight against Corona. He said, ‘At the same time last year, due to the hard work of doctors and the country’s strategy, the wave of corona infection could be controlled. However, now the country is facing the second wave. In such a situation, all the doctors and personnel posted on the front line are fighting the epidemic with full force and saving the lives of millions of people.

People should be aware of the treatment of corona

Apart from this, PM Modi also requested all the doctors to spread awareness and protect people from rumours about treatment and prevention of Covid-19. He said that in these difficult circumstances it is very important that people do not fall prey to terror and in time they can get the right treatment. Also, he suggested doctors use telemedicine for the treatment of patients suffering from other diseases.


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