Corona Test Will Now Be Made Easier, ICMR Took These Steps To Give Convenience

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New Delhi: This news can give a big relief to those who want to test the corona but the government system is not ready to test them or they are tired of getting in the lines and their number is not coming.

ICMR, Indian Council for Medical Research has appealed to private labs to reduce the cost of coronavirus test. ICMR argues that when the test of coronavirus started in the country, the lab was not much and India foreign goods for testing kits. We were dependent on foreign goods but now testing kits are being made in India and the number of labs has also increased from 2 to 610.

In such a situation, there is also the availability of domestic kits and more number of test-takers. So now private labs should consider reducing the price. Especially the people living in the village of the countryside who cannot afford such an expensive test, now the price of Rs 4500 has been reduced.

India today has 610 labs, of which 432 are government and 178 private. In India, about one and a half lakh tests are being done in a day. ICMR claims that soon 2 lakh tests will be done daily.

If anyone person has symptoms of corona in the house, then there is a chance to get the whole house tested. If the government system is not ready to conduct your test, or if it is not possible to get the test done by following the lines and after a long wait, then many people are left relying only on private labs. In such a situation, if the labs reduce the cost of the test, then people will be comfortable.


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