Corona tea and milkshake to fight with coronavirus

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New Delhi: Outbreak of Corona epidemic is spread all over the world. In such a situation, it is very important to increase the immunity to fight the corona. It should start from the morning and it will help you corona prepared with domestic herbs. This will give you so much power in the corona period that the corona will not even burst and you will be healthy and refreshed. Let’s know the recipe:

Material required:

1 tsp Giloy powder or a piece of fresh Giloy

1 tsp ginger crushed

½ tsp lemon juice

½ tsp lentil sugar

1 leaf chopped lemongrass (Zarakush)

5-6 basil leaves

1 leaf ashwagandha or 1 tsp liquorice

2 three cloves and pepper

½ t spoon leaf tea

2 tsp honey

1 pinch of rock salt

4 cups of water


Add four cups of water to the pan. When lightly heated, add Giloy, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, basil, ashwagandha or mulathi, cloves, black pepper, leaf tea and boil it. When the water remains two cups, then add honey and rock salt in it and boil it lightly. Now add lemon juice to it. Your corona tea is ready.

Corona period is going on, due to which this tea is named Corona Tea. This tea makes your immunity stronger. Giloy helps in cold, cold and cough, so basil has its own properties. Cinnamon and rock salt give a lot of benefit to the throat. Lemongrass protects against bacterial fungal and infection, while on the other hand, it helps to detox due to being hemorrhagic. Ginger provides energy along with vitamins.

Ashwagandha strengthens the immune system and prevents colds. It also prevents cancer cells from growing. Lemon is resistant to disease along with improving the digestive system of the body. Leaf tea prevents clot formation in the heart and also reduces the effects of diabetes.


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