Corona: Tamil Nadu government announces new restrictions in the state

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Chennai: There are around 1 lakh active Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu, the state government has implemented new restrictions. New restrictions such as lockdown will come into force from 4 am on 26 April (Tuesday).

Will it be closed?

  1. According to the new restrictions, cinema halls, gyms, entertainment clubs, bars, auditoriums, meeting halls and similar places where crowds can gather will be closed in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Big shops, shopping malls, shopping malls all supermarkets.
  3. Salons, spas, barbershops, beauty parlours will be closed in Chennai and other cities, towns.
  4. Sitting arrangement in a tea stall, hotel, restaurant, the mess will remain closed.
  5. Entry of devotees to religious places will be prohibited. Only the priests engaged in the worship of religious places will be able to perform the rituals.
  6. Even if you have already taken permission to organize in a temple, no program will be able to be done now, only the employees will offer prayers in the temples.
  7. Sports Academy will remain closed.

These works will be reviewed

  1. E-commerce delivery and operation will be reviewed
  2. Permission to open standalone department stores and supermarkets with a 50% crowd will be given. They will not be able to run AC.
  3. Parcel/takeaway facility will be operational at hotels, restaurants and tea shops etc.
  4. There will be room service for guests in hotels and lodges.
  5. A maximum of 50 people will be present at weddings.
  6. A maximum of 25 people can attend the funeral.
  7. 50% of IT and ITES employees will have to work from home.
  8. Athletes of national level and international level can give sports training alone.


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