Corona speed break in Chhattisgarh: After 54 days recovery rate again crosses 90 per cent

Corona In India (Source Twitter)
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Raipur: It is clear that the lockdown imposed in all the cities of the state, including the fort on May 6 and Raipur on May 9, affects that the state is moving towards defeating Corona. Otherwise, there was a time that the situation remained completely uncontrolled. All Covid beds in the hospital, whether normal, oxygenated, ICU or ventilator. All were filled. Today 80 per cent of the beds are empty.

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The number of infected is now reduced to within 5,000 – 17,397 patients were reported in a day on 23 April in the state. However, again in April, the figure remained close to 15,000. On April 3 times the number of infected reached 15,000. But from May 12, those who started getting less than 10,000 infected, this pace continues in decreasing order. Now the number of infected patients has been reduced to within 5000. In Raipur and Durg division, the infection is completely under control. About 400 patients are still being found in the districts of the Bilaspur division. These include Korba, Janjgir-Champa and Raigad prominently.

The number of deaths is also declining – for the first time in the state on April 10, the number of deaths in a single day reached above 100, 125 deaths were reported, after that, it started increasing from 22 April to 200. On April 28, the highest 279 deaths were reported in 24 hours. Over 200 lives were lost for several consecutive days. However, since May 9, once again the number of deaths has not crossed 200 and now it has been reduced to around 100, which is a good sign. However, 100 deaths is also a very large number. Dr Subhash Mishra, Spokesperson and Director of, Epidemic Control Program, Department of Health says that there was a strict lockdown in the last one and a half months. People followed the rules. Sampling and testing increased. It is a result of this that corona infection is steadily declining.


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