Corona Second Wave: Is lockdown needed to curb the corona? The expert gave the answer

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New Delhi: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the country. The central government, the health ministry, the concerned departments and the army are fighting the epidemic on a war footing. Over the past several days, more than three lakh new Corona cases have been revealed. On Tuesday, there was some decrease in the number of new cases in the country, 3,23,144 new cases were found in the last 24 hours, while 2771 died. In such a situation, some experts are once again saying that complete lockdown is necessary.

Full lockdown advice

Some experts of the country believe that full lockdown should be imposed once again in the country, only then we will be able to break the corona chain. That is, experts are now telling the lockdown as a panacea to handle the situation.

At the same time, some experts also say that the problem of a complete lockout will increase, although where the speed of infection is uncontrollable, full lockdown is necessary.

Lockdown Last option: PM

Let me tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the country last Tuesday said that nationwide or statewide lockout should be the last option because following the Corona Guidelines is more important than just implementing lockdown.

So the question now arises is whether Covid is the last way left to break the chain? Should full lockdown be in a few areas?

What do experts say on full lockdown?

Let me tell you that while talking to India Today on this subject, Dr Giridhar Babu, Professor and Chief, Lifecare Epidemiology, PHFI Bangalore, said that Full Lockdown is not the only way to avoid corona. He said that considering the speed of the Corona and its transmission, a decision should be taken.

Currently, where there are more cases, there is a need for lockdown so that the chain can be broken. Along with reducing the number, we should also focus on the healthcare system. The doctor also said that if you do not know well about the transmission of the corona, then a full lockdown will happen.

‘Vaccination campaign may be affected’

On the full lockdown, Dr Vishal Rao, Member, Expert Committee, Covid Task Force, Government of Karnataka, said that the lockdown could affect the ongoing vaccination campaign in the country. Therefore, we have to change the strategy for the fight against Corona.

Taking this conversation further, Dr Shahid Jameel, virologist and CEO of DBT/Welcome Trust India Alliance, New Delhi, said, ‘There should not be a full lockdown. We need full lockdown in the highest containment zone of Corona. We saw how the situation happened during the first wave of Corona last year to run a livelihood, so it is very important to maintain balance at this time.

(Source: India Today)


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