Corona Patient Did Not Get Bed, Died Outside Loknayak Hospital

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New Delhi: On one hand, the Delhi government has launched an app to give information about the empty beds available in hospitals to the patients of Coronavirus. On the other hand, due to non-availability of beds today, a patient died outside the hospital.

A corona patient died today outside Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital. This person was found corona positive on 1 June. The family members complain is that they tried to admit the patient in different hospitals of Delhi continuously from the 1st, but he could not find any place.

On Thursday morning, when the patient’s condition worsened, he was brought to Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi. But the hospital refused to admit the patient. After waiting for a long time, a doctor admitted the patient to the emergency house after he put himself on the stretcher and took him to the emergency. After some time, the patient was declared dead.

Giving clarification on this matter, the hospital administration says that when the patient was brought to the hospital, he was already dead.

Giving information about the death of the father by tweeting Amarpreet, the daughter of the deceased, he said, ‘He is no more, our government has failed us’. For the past several days, Amarpreet was constantly trying to seek help from the Delhi government and hospitals regarding his father’s treatment. After bringing his father to the hospital, Amarpreet himself tweeted, “My father has a high fever, we have to hospitalize him soon, I am standing outside Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital and these people are not recruiting him. The father has a corona, a high fever, is having trouble breathing. He will not be able to survive without help. Please help. “

Earlier on June 2, Amarpreet tweeted, “My father is Corona positive and is in Delhi. No one is responding to the helpline number.”

After losing the father, a new challenge has now arisen for Amarpreet and his family. After the news of his father’s death, Amarpreet tweeted that his family’s corona test is not being done. They say that we have been trying since morning but our test is not being done. My mother, brother, his wife and 2 children are to be tested.

Kapil Mishra also tweeted about this matter

Let us tell you that the Delhi Government has released a new guideline regarding the corona test. Due to this, only those people in Delhi are tested in which either symptom of the corona is found or in which acute respiratory infection is found. Even when the corona infected person is in direct contact, the test can be done only from the fifth day to the tenth day of contact.


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