Corona Infected More Than 41 Lakh People Worldwide, So Far Close To 3 Lakh Have Died

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New Delhi: The havoc of Coronavirus continues throughout the world. As of Sunday, around 41 lakh 52 thousand people have fallen prey to it, while around 2 lakh 82 thousand deaths have occurred due to the global pandemic Corona. According to the Worldometers website (COVID-19) data (as of May 10, 11.30 pm), the number of coronavirus infections worldwide has reached 41,52,870, while 2,82,660 people have lost their lives. While 54,590 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Sunday, the number of patients recovering from this has also increased to 14.65 lakh.

In Russia, there were 11,000 reported cases of coronavirus a day. Russia was the most affected country in the world this week by Corona. In Russia, the number of corona infections has reached 2,09,680. It has now become the fifth country to cross 2,00,000 cases.

The United States of America (US) has also been the most affected country worldwide by the coronavirus. In the last 24 hours in the US, 6,225 new cases of corona have been confirmed, after which the total number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 13,53,530. Spain is named after America in the list of countries most affected by Corona. In Spain, more than 2,64,660 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed, while 1,880 cases were reported in Spain on Sunday.

The United Kingdom has now become the third most affected country. There were 3,920 new cases a day. In such a situation, the total number of Covid-19 has now reached 2,19,180. Italy was compared to the past few weeks, the situation is a little better for a few days now. Now 800 new Corona cases have been reported here within 24 hours. Corona’s confirmed cases in Italy have reached 2,19,070. France (1,76,650), Germany (1,71,700), Brazil (1,56,860), Turkey (1,38,650) and Iran (1,07,600) are also the victims of Covid-19 with a total of cases.

Most deaths occurred in these countries

America tops the list of those who lost 80,350 lives from Corona. On Sunday, 314 new deaths were recorded here. The number of deaths in Britain has increased to 31,855 in the last 24 hours after the death toll increased to 268. In Italy, 165 deaths have been recorded in third place. After which the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Italy has increased to 30,560. Spain has lost 26,621, France 26,310 and Brazil 10,730 lives with Covid-19.


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