Corona havoc in Delhi: 80 employees positive, the senior doctor dies in the same hospital

Sir Gangaram Hospital (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: The second wave of pandemic coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the country. The number of corona patients is increasing every day. Patients are also dying of the same record. Corona continues to wreak havoc in the national capital, Delhi. The government continues to do everything possible to prevent the unbridled coronavirus. Despite this, the number of corona patients is not decreasing. At the Saroj Super Specialty Hospital in the capital Delhi, 20 health workers have been found corona positive. At the same time, the life of a senior doctor has also been lost. As soon as this news came out, there has been a stir in the entire administration including the hospital. Many employees of the hospital have been placed in the guarantee.

80 employees in a month Corona positive

Dr PK Bhardwaj, Chief Health Officer of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital informed the media about this. Bhardwaj said that 80 employees of the hospital have become corona positive during the last one month. Many employees have become quarantined after the report came out. He said that now there has been some improvement in the situation in Delhi as compared to earlier. At present, there is a shortage of oxygen in the hospital. But when will the next stock of oxygen arrive in many hospitals. This is a matter of great concern.

Doctor dies even after taking both doses of vaccine

The Chief Health Officer doctor said that due to corona, the senior doctor of the hospital AK Rawat passed away. According to Dr Bhardwaj, Dr Rawat had taken both doses of the vaccine. Even after this, the epidemic swallowed them up. His death is a major loss to the hospital.

Lockdown extended again in Delhi

The lockdown in Delhi has been extended for a week. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has extended the lockdown period for the third time. Kejriwal said that the rate of infection had gone up to 35 per cent in Delhi, due to which we had decided to put a lockdown under compulsion. He said that the lockdown in Delhi was being extended for a week. The lockdown has come into force until 5 am Monday. The metro service will also be closed in Delhi from today. With this, marriage will not take place in any public place/marriage, hall/banquet hall or hotel in Delhi. Marriage can be done at home or in the court itself.


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