Corona: Delhi government claims, ‘Center is not providing enough oxygen to hospitals’

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New Delhi: The Delhi government claimed on Wednesday that it was not being supplied oxygen in the quantity allocated by the Center. Which was stated in an official order following a rapid increase in cases of the Corona epidemic. Oxygen will be supplied to hospitals.

The Aam Aadmi Party said in a statement that ‘We received 402 metric tonnes of oxygen yesterday and 408 metric tonnes of oxygen a day before that. We have been allocated a share of 480 MT on 21 April and 490 MT on 25 April, but we are reaching the same quantity. Currently, the allocation is taking into account the number of ICU beds and non-ICU oxygen beds.’

The official order states that the government has been allocated 490 metric tonnes of oxygen and a “wide allocation of oxygen” to hospitals based on bed capacity and oxygen requirement for ICU and non-ICU beds. The order states that the allocation has been made based on “standards of calculation for the requirement of oxygen for the capacity of ICU-non-ICU beds and hospital beds”.

The order issued on 25 April stated that “the supplier allocation in 490 MT order for Delhi has necessitated changes to existing suppliers due to the capacity allocated to specific manufactures and suppliers in hospitals. However, the actual delivery of oxygen in Delhi to the hospitals. Will be subject to, which is seen to be less than the allocated quantity”.

Explain that within a month, the Delhi government will set up 44 oxygen plants in various hospitals, of which 21 will be imported from France. The centre will set up eight oxygen plants by 30 April.

A record 381 deaths from Corona occurred on Tuesday in Delhi, while the positive rate was 32.72 per cent. This is the sixth day when there have been more than 300 deaths in Delhi in a day.


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