Corona: ‘Charge sheet’ ready against China, shocking revelations in a joint investigation of 5 superpowers

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New Delhi: Even though China has been lying to the whole world about the Coronavirus and its infection till now, the time has come to silence China, who were telling the biggest lies against humanity. In fact, an investigation report has revealed China’s disgusting conspiracy and its fatal negligence. This 15-page international dossier has been prepared by the investigative organization ‘FIVE EYES’ of powerful countries including America, Britain and Canada.

Ever since the day the coronavirus has spread its foot and forced people to die of suffocation, more or less the same day many countries have been accusing China of questioning whether China intentionally let millions die? After all, why did China, despite being the first country in the chain of infection, managed to emerge rapidly from the effects of the coronavirus? So let us tell you that the answer to all the unresolved questions related to the connection between China and Coronavirus has finally been found. The plot of the dragon epidemic of the designer of the Coronavirus has been exposed. International ‘charge sheet’ against China has been prepared.

This international charge sheet ie dossier has been prepared against China. FIVE EYES is the name of this high-level international organization. That is those 5 eyes from which any activity on the earth cannot hide for a long time. The same organization has prepared a 15-page dossier by making a long list of Chinese conspiracies and negligence regarding the Corona infection. According to this report, China’s secrecy about the coronavirus was no less than an attack on international transparency. It is clearly written in the dossier that China’s first hidden the correct facts about the coronavirus infection from the world. Then put pressure on those people who silenced them or disappeared, who tried to speak anything on Corona. It has also been revealed on China in the report that it deliberately delayed the research and samples related to coronavirus to international scientists.

The report of the FIVE EYES organization holds China responsible for the deaths from coronavirus taking place all over the world. This report, which exposed the terrible negligence of China against humanity, has been leaked in the Australia media, after which people’s anger against China has reached the seventh sky.

China has been claiming before the world that its citizens also died due to coronavirus infection. They too suffered a severe setback to the economy, but the investigation report of the 5 Eyes organization raises many questions against this claim of China. During the investigation, the investigation team of 5 Eyes found such evidence that China has hidden information related to coronavirus on many occasions, not one or two. They continued to issue advisory to the world, saying that people should not ban their visits, while his own people remained in lockdown in their country and survived the infection.

The investigation report of the 5 Eyes organization states that articles about the coronavirus started appearing in China’s social media on 31 December 2019 but it imposed censorship on it and especially wiped out all the articles in which SARS Variation, Words like Wuhan Sea Food Market and Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia. Three days later, on January 3, 2020, China’s National Health Commission ordered the destruction of all samples of the coronavirus after shifting it to a particular place. The biggest suspicion of China’s intrigue about Corona comes from the fact that on this day, the Chinese government had stopped promoting any news or article related to this mysterious disease.

  • On 5 January 2020, the Municipal Health Commission of Wuhan stopped providing daily updates on the number of new cases.
  • This daily report was not released for the next 13 days.
  • On January 10, 2020, a Respiratory Specialist at Peking University First Hospital said that the disease is currently “under control”
  • On January 12, a professor’s lab in Shanghai was closed.
  • This professor was accused that he was sharing the data related to the virus with the outside world.
  • On January 24, Chinese authorities barred the Wuhan Institute from sharing virus samples with a laboratory at the University of Texas.

Surprisingly, China kept hiding from the whole world till January 20 that the corona infection could spread from man to man. In the investigation of 5 EYES, there has been strong evidence to hide the truth against the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the report, WHO always said yes to China in this whole matter and gave an incomplete answer to the scientists of another country.


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