Corona Cases Exceed 2.5 lakh In India, The Highest Number Of New Cases In The Last 24 Hours

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New Delhi: Coronavirus cases are not being named in the country. In the last 24 hours, there have been 9983 new cases of infection in the country while 206 patients have died. Ministry of Health statistics shows that till today 9:00 am, 256611 infection cases have been reported in the country so far. However, the good thing is that the number of people recovering is increasing continuously and 124095 people have been cured so far.

The most worrying thing is that the number of deaths in the country is also increasing continuously, 206 patients have lost their lives in the last 24 hours and the total number of deaths in the country has reached 7135. For the past few days, the recovery rate has been stuck at 48.35, which means that the number of people recovering is increasing, but the number of infections is increasing more than that, that is why the recovery rate is not going above 50 per cent.

According to ICMR, in the last 24 hours, 108048 samples have been tested across the country to check for corona infection. So far, 47 lakh 74434 sample tests have been done in the country, which has decreased compared to the last two days. Private labs are allowed to test corona samples along with government labs in the country.


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