Corona: 50 Thousand New Cases In 15 Days, The Number Of Patients Crosses 1 Lakh 13 Thousand

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New Delhi: The number of people infected with coronavirus in the country has crossed one lakh 13 thousand. However, half of these cases have come up in the last fortnight, since the movement of people stranded at various places through special trains has started. Meanwhile, the government, however, has insisted that this rate in India is less than half of the world’s average death rate. Lockdown continues from March 25 to prevent infection of the coronavirus. Its fourth phase is currently underway. After a gap of two months, today it was announced to restart domestic flights with detailed guidelines.

Meanwhile, the central government has asked all the states to ensure strict adherence to the existing lockdown. It also includes a night curfew which is from seven in the evening to seven in the morning. The Center has also said that it has come to know about the violation of restrictions at some places. The Union Home Ministry has asked to strictly follow the guidelines. Other measures including wearing masks and distance from social harm are included to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

More than 3400 people died across the country
The death toll due to this deadly virus has crossed 3400 across the country. The death rate due to this virus is 3.06 per cent. About 45 thousand patients have been cured in the country. So far, more deaths have occurred from India due to coronavirus in about 15 other countries. However, the country is undergoing treatment for more than 63 thousand patients and is ranked fifth in the world. America, Russia, Brazil and France are countries where more patients are being treated than India. India is the 11th most affected country in the world in terms of Coronavirus infection. In some of the ten affected countries, the number of active cases is less than India, which includes Spain Italy, Germany, Turkey and Iran.

The Health Ministry has said that the number of deaths due to Kovid-19 has increased to 3435 while the number of infected people has increased to one lakh 12 thousand 359. In the last 24 hours in the country, 132 people have died due to this virus while 5,609 fresh cases have been reported. Due to this, 63,624 people are being treated in the country, while 45 thousand people have recovered from illness and have gone to their homes.

However, according to the news agency PTI Language, the total number of cases of virus infection across the country is high which has reached one lakh 13 thousand 136 and more than 46 thousand people have recovered and gone home. Of the infected cases in the country, about half of them have been reported since May 8. On May 8, the Health Ministry had told that the number of infected patients in the country is 56 thousand 342.

On May 6, there were 50 thousand cases in the country
The first case of Coronavirus infection in India was revealed on 30 January. After this, on March 29, the figure of one thousand was reached. On 13 April, the number of corona infected patients reached ten thousand in the country. On May 6, this figure increased to 50 thousand and it took two weeks to reach the figure of one lakh and on March 18 it became one lakh.

Since this deadly virus has grown in China, more than 5 million people have been infected with Coronavirus infection all over the world, whereas since December, three hundred and thirty thousand people have died due to this virus and till now more than 19 lakh people are cured Has happened.

Officials in India have said that it took 64 days for the number of coronavirus infections in the country to be 100 to one lakh, which is better than many countries. America and Spain took half the time to touch this figure than India. The Union Health Ministry issued a statement saying that timely identification of infection, with the help of proper clinical management, has helped in keeping the death rate low in India. The ministry also said in the statement that in the last 24 hours, three thousand people have recovered and gone back to their homes. The recovery rate has crossed 40 per cent. It has said that all patients have been kept under active medical inspection and about 2.94 per cent of the total active patients are in ICU.

One day civil case in Delhi
New cases have been reported in many states and union territories. In the national capital Delhi also, 571 cases of one-day rights have been reported, taking its total number to 11 thousand 659. This is the third consecutive day when 500 or more cases have been reported. There have been 371 new cases in Gujarat and the number of infected has increased to 12 thousand 910.


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