Corona: 1.68 Lakh People Infected In India, But Signs Of Relief In This Case

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New Delhi: With the arrival of a record number of 7,500 new cases of coronavirus in India on Friday, the total number of cases of this epidemic has increased to 1.68 lakh. The death toll has crossed the 4,700 marks. There has also been a significant increase in the number of recovers. So far more than 81 thousand people have been discharged from hospitals.

A good sign is that many states and union territories announced that Covid-19 patients are recovering in large numbers and they are getting discharged from hospitals. With this, the number of people recovering in the whole country has exceeded 81,700. The number of people recovering has increased from Thursday to more than 11 thousand.

The number of Covid-19 patients being treated in hospitals has decreased by more than five thousand and it has come down to about 82 thousand which is still number five in the world after America, Russia, Brazil and France. Lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, domestic flights have started, frequent movement of labour special trains carrying migrant labourers from one state to another and operating special flights to bring stranded Indians back from abroad due to coronavirus There is a significant increase in cases.

The Union Health Ministry said in the morning update that the number of deaths from coronavirus in the country has risen to 4,706, while the total number of cases of infection has reached 1,65,799. There have been 175 deaths in the last 24 hours from 8 am on Thursday and a record 7,466 new cases have been reported.

According to news agency PTI, the number of coronavirus cases in the country has increased to 1,68,386 and the death toll has reached 4,784 by 9.40 pm. According to the table, 81,702 people have been cured so far and the number of patients treated in various hospitals is around 82 thousand. In Kerala, 62 people were found infected with the coronavirus on Friday, including a health worker, two members of the Air India crew and two prisoners. This increased the total infection cases to 1,150 in the state. One person who returned from the Gulf country died of infection causing the death toll in the state to rise to eight.

Cases Increased in Maharashtra and Gujarat
In Maharashtra, 2,682 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Friday and 116 people died due to coronavirus infection, but the good news among them is that 8,381 people in a day in the state are free of infection after treatment. The health official said that so far 62,228 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the state while 2,098 people have died due to virus infection. He informed that a total of 26,998 people have become infection-free after treatment in the state so far.

At the same time, the total number of infected people reached 15,944 in Gujarat in the last 24 hours with 372 new cases of coronavirus infection. State Health Department gave this information on Friday. The department said in a statement, 20 patients of Covid-19 died in the same period, with which 980 patients have lost their lives in the state so far.

Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu, nine more people died of Covid-19. The state saw the highest number of 874 cases of coronavirus in a single day, which increased the number of infected people to more than 20 thousand. There have been 63 new cases of coronavirus infection in Odisha after which the total number of infected people in the state has increased to 1,723. A Health Department official said that out of the latest fresh cases, 61 have recently returned from other parts of the country to different districts. At the same time, two cases have come out from the detection of contact with the infection.

A minister in West Bengal has been infected with the Coronavirus. This is the first such case in the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led state cabinet. A source present in the important post in the government gave this information on Friday. The source said that after the State Fire Service Minister Sujit Bose was found infected, he has been advised to stay in the house in Quarantine.


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