Congress charges – Centre hiding the real number of deaths from Corona, given an example of this state

Congress leader P Chidambaram
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Pandemic or natural disaster

Meanwhile, the increase of about 65,000 death certificates is not only shocking in many ways but also painful for the people. This can only happen due to an epidemic or natural disaster. Chidambaram said that the Gujarat government has officially accepted only 4218 deaths from March 1, 2021, to May 10 this year. While there is a huge difference in the number of government figures and death certificates. The Congress leader said that the Gujarat government should clarify the huge difference between the number of government deaths from Covid and the number of death certificates.

Bodies of hundreds of people recovered from river Ganga

He said that the bodies of hundreds of people have been recovered from the river Ganga, a large number of buried bodies have been found in its sand. In such a situation, it is understood that the Center along with some states is suppressing the actual number of people killed by Covid. The Congress leader called it a national tragedy as well as a serious crime. He has sought clarification from both the Center and Gujarat regarding the matter. Chidambaram said that all states should submit death certificates issued last year and this year to the NHRC so that the picture of the entire country can be revealed.


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