Common Passes Should Be Made For NCR, SC Decides On Border Dispute

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court asked UP, Delhi and Haryana to make integrated arrangements for the movement of people living in Delhi-NCR. The Supreme Court said that there should be a uniform policy, the same portal-like system for this. According to the court, a pass should be issued which has recognition in Haryana, UP and Delhi. In 1 week, the states were asked to take steps in this regard.

In fact, after the lockdown, separate problems of NCR people had increased in recent times after separate arrangements were made by these three states. There were problems in coming and going in NCR areas. However, such demand has already been rising. In this episode, a PIL was filed in the Supreme Court. Hearing this, the court has directed to make a common pass for the NCR region on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court, while making arrangements, said that there should be a clear mechanism for movement in the National Capital Region. For this, all the states should work together to form a system that can have only one common platform and ensure movement of the entire NCR region from a single pass. Arrangements should be made to find a solution within a week.

People Will Get Big Relief
The Supreme Court’s directive will provide relief to the people suffering in Delhi-NCR due to the sealing of boundaries between the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. The Supreme Court clearly stated that there should be only one pass for Delhi-NCR. The pass should be such that through which people living here can enter in connection with work in Haryana, UP and Delhi.

Last month, a PIL was filed in the Supreme Court against the sealing of the borders of states in Delhi-NCR, which said that doing so is unconstitutional. This decision taken by the state administration is completely wrong. Discounts should be provided for important activities. The Supreme Court has prepared a common program or portal on this petition and asked for an inter-state pass for Delhi-NCR and find a solution. The Supreme Court said that there should be only one pass for all three states. Meaning, it should be made on the same portal at the same place. The court has asked the Center to find a solution on this in a week. The Supreme Court said that the Central Government together with Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh should find a solution.


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