CM Yogi reached Moradabad to examine the health system of the COVID patients

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Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, the corona is spreading but UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is in full action to beat the corona. CM Yogi not only got to know the condition of the corona victims in Moradabad yesterday but also instructed the doctors to treat them. Recently the Chief Minister of UP, who has defeated Corona, has come into action on the growing cases of Corona in the state, CM Yogi is constantly holding a review meeting regarding Covid but yesterday CM Yogi himself meet with the Corona patients.

CM Yogi reached Moradabad to examine the health system of the patients affected by the coronavirus. Where CM first visited the Covid Command Center and then suddenly made a program to inspect Manoharpur village in Moradabad district. The officers were not even aware that CM Yogi would go to the village to meet the corona patient, Yogi, seeing the people, got down from the car and took the road to the streets of the village.

Seeing the Chief Minister of the state in Manoharpur village, everyone started coming out of the house, and CM Yogi stood in front of people’s homes and talked, knowing their condition. Did you get the medicine etc? Are you taking measures to prevent corona? UP is groaning due to Corona, in such a situation, the Chief Minister of the state is going to the Corona patients themselves, knowing their condition and going to the village, this can only happen in Ram Rajya.


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