CM Kejriwal had to apologize to PM Modi during the meeting on Corona, know the reason

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New Delhi: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has apologized to PM Narendra Modi with folded hands during the state meeting on the corona epidemic. A video of this incident has gone viral on social media in which the conversation between CM Kejriwal and PM Modi can be seen.

CM Arvind Kejriwal apologizes to PM Modi

In the video, the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party are seen saying – “I believe that if there is a national plan in the country against the coronavirus, then all the state governments and the central government will work together on it.”

Then he goes on to say- ‘May the departed souls rest in peace because of Corona’, PM Modi interrupts them and says- “This is our tradition, our protocol, it has been very against that A Chief Minister should telecast such in-house meeting live. This is not fair and we should always follow it.”

Kejriwal said that he would take care of it further and then continued his address, saying “Peace be to all the souls who died due to Corona and give their families the power to suffer.”

Apologizing further, he said- “Sir, if there is any mischief on my part, I have spoken something harsh, there is a mistake in my behaviour, then I am sorry for that.” He finally said that he would follow the instructions given to him.

During the meeting, Kejriwal had raised the issue of oxygen shortage, however, his statement was broadcast live, which PM Modi had to interrupt him. BJP’s national spokesman Sambit Patra has also expressed his displeasure by tweeting this violation of CM Kejriwal.

PM Modi’s three meetings on Covid-19

Significantly, PM Modi has planned three important meetings on Corona today. First of all, he held a review meeting with the officials on the current situation in the country. Then the second meeting started between 10-11 am with the Chief Ministers of the states affected by Corona and now the PM is discussing the oxygen crisis in the third meeting. The third meeting is going on through video conferencing in which he is talking with the oxygen manufacturers about the oxygen crisis.


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