CM Arvind Kejriwal sought help from states by writing letter to overcome the Oxygen crisis in Delhi

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New Delhi: In the second wave of Coronavirus, the country’s capital Delhi is facing an oxygen crisis. For whose supply CM Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday wrote a letter to his counterparts in other states, requesting help.

CM said this by tweeting

Kejriwal tweeted in the late evening and said, ‘I am writing a letter to the Chief Minister of all the states requesting that if he has extra oxygen then make it available. Although the central government is also helping us, the outbreak of Covid-19 is such that the available resources are proving to be inadequate. ‘ Officials said that 20 patients died in Jaipur Golden Hospital while waiting for oxygen supply.’

Hospitals in oxygen crisis are helpless

At the same time, due to this crisis, some hospitals in Delhi are advising relatives of patients to take them to another hospital. While many others are left with no option but to use oxygen backup. The Director of a hospital in Delhi, Narine Sehgal, does not know how he will help his patients in such a situation.

People are asking for help on social media

Calling for an immediate supply of oxygen, Narine Sehgal of Neo Hospital in Meera Bagh said that there are 120 Covid-19 patients in the hospital and oxygen is left for only two hours. Sehgal said in a video message, ’60 Covid patients in the hospital are in desperate need of oxygen. I really do not know how to help my patients in this situation. I am asking for all the help but nothing is happening. help please.’

Less than half of the oxygen supply

PK Bhardwaj, Medical Director of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, said, ‘We are running out of oxygen and are using our back-up. We have informed the patients about the situation and are advising them to be admitted to other hospitals. Things are very unstable indeed. The hospital needs an average of 3 metric tons of oxygen per day and has been getting around 1 metric ton of oxygen for the last few days. At present, 70 patients are on oxygen in the hospital.’


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