Central Government Reduces Remdisivir Injection Prices, Reduces Up To 2 Thousand Rupees

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New Delhi: The central government has reduced the price of Remdisivir Injection, giving great relief to Coronavirus patients in the country. The government has reduced the price of this injection by 2 thousand rupees.

Used in the treatment of corona

Let us tell you that 7 different companies make Remdisivir Injection in the country. These injections are used in the treatment of the coronavirus. With the increase in the number of coronavirus patients, the demand for these injections has also increased in the country. Due to which the government has tried to increase their access to the common people by reducing their prices.

Government pressure to reduce the price

The central government has issued orders to reduce the price of these injections. To reduce these prices, the Ministry of Chemical Fertilizers was meeting with the producing companies continuously for the last 2 days. The government is trying to increase the production of Remdisivir Injection as well as reduce the price.

Government is motivating to increase production

Currently, 7 Indian companies are producing the injections under a voluntary licensing agreement with Messrs. Gilead Sciences, USA. They have the capacity to make about 38.80 lakh units per month. The government wants this capacity of production to be increased to at least 50 lakhs per month. To speed up the treatment of coronavirus patients.


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