Can people be given different vaccines? The government responded

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New Delhi: There are many such cases where two different vaccines have been given to the same person among the Covid Vaccination released in the country. After such cases have come up, questions have started to be raised whether the vaccination of a person in this way is right or not, now the government itself has answered this. NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul has said that this is possible.

Paul said that “If you ask me if a person has the first dose of another vaccine, can he get another vaccine in the second dose. Scientifically and factually it is possible. But such studies suggest many. Can be given after doing it. No scientific facts have been revealed for this, only with time, it can be known. “

Paul said that this can be known only after international study. Our experts are constantly studying. He said, “One dose of a vaccine produces antibodies and another dose of another vaccine increases it. Scientifically, there is no problem.”

Two vaccines are being introduced in the country

Covishield and Covaxin are the two vaccines that people are applying in the country. Two doses of both vaccines are being applied to people. The second dose of these vaccines is also called the booster dose. The Ministry of Health has repeatedly warned in many of its advisories that the second dose of a vaccine should be given the same vaccine as the first dose.

The study which said that it is safe to get both vaccines mixed was done on 2600 people. And during this time two different combinations were used. In one experiment, people were given one dose of the Oxford vaccine and the other of the dose Pfizer vaccine. In the second experiment, people were tried one dose of model and the other of dose Novavax.

The purpose of this trial was to know whether the introduction of two different vaccines works on Covid or not. During this time the immunity of people was tested and it was found that the bad effects of the vaccine did not last long.


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