Budget 2021: Preparation for tax exemption on corona treatment expenses! Finance Minister can declare


Budget 2021: If your health was spoiled due to Corona’s havoc and there was a huge cost in treatment, then this news is going to give you a big relief. It is reported that in the budget, the Modi government can include the money spent on corona treatment in the tax deduction.

Tax rebate on corona treatment costs!

The government charges income tax on your income for a year. If the government covers the amount spent in the treatment of corona, then a large part of your income will be tax-free. This announcement will provide a big relief to all those people who have become corona infected and have spent a huge amount in treatment. It is being claimed in media reports that this can be announced in the budget. Apart from this, to increase its resources, the government can introduce a new category tax saving bonds like Kovid Bonds in the budget. The government can facilitate tax deduction on these bonds.

Corona havoc in India

Along with the whole world, Corona caused havoc in India as well. According to statistics, more than 10 crore people were corona infected and more than 1 lakh 50 thousand people died. At present, the work of corona vaccination has started in India, although the corona is not completely stopped yet. More than 100 cases are being reported daily from all over the country and their treatment is being done in the hospital.

More emphasis on the health sector

Due to the corona epidemic, the health sector is expected to be more stressed in this time budget. It is believed that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s box will spend more money on the health sector. At present 1.4% of GDP is being spent on the health sector, but it is expected that the government can increase it to double as the government aims to spend 4% of GDP on the health sector by 2024.


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