Big News About Covid-19, A Different Type Of Coronavirus Found In Patients Of India

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New Delhi: Scientists at Hyderabad-based Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) have detected a different type of coronavirus among people infected with Covid-19 in the country. It has been found mostly in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Scientists have named this unique group of viruses ‘clade A3I’, which has been found in 41 per cent of the genome (group of genes) sequence in India. Scientists prepared a sequence of 64 genomes.

CCMB tweeted, ‘A new fact has emerged on genome analysis of SARS-COV2 prevalence in India. The results showed that there is also a unique group of viruses and it exists in India. It has been named Clade A3I.

It states, ‘It appears that this group was caused by the virus in February 2020 and spread across the country. It has 41 per cent of all samples of the SARS-COV2 genome taken from India and three and a half per cent of the global genome made public. ‘

CCMB comes under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSR). Research on this virus has revealed that the virus had a common ancestor in February.

CCMB director and research paper co-author Rakesh Mishra said that most of the samples taken from Telangana and Tamil Nadu are like clade A3I.

He said that most of the samples belong to the early days of the spread of Covid-19 in India. Mishra said that there is some similarity with the samples found in Delhi, but there is no similarity with the samples in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

This type of coronavirus is similar to the cases detected in Singapore and the Philippine. He said that a genome sequence of more samples will be prepared in the coming days and this will help in getting more information on this subject.

Also, it has been said that this is the first comprehensive study to characterize a different and much larger available group of SARS-COV2 in India.


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