Baba Ramdev launched Corona’s new drug Coronil, Gadkari said – ‘There is no namaskar without a miracle’

Baba Ramdev's Coronil (Source Twitter)
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New Delhi: Baba Ramdev Launches Coronil: Baba Ramdev has launched Coronail, a Corona drug today. Last year too, he launched a drug with the same name, which was called Coronil Kit. Today, Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Dr Harshvardhan (Dr Harshwardhan) were also present on the occasion of coronil launch. On the announcement of this new medicine, Patanjali Yogpeeth says that the drug used in the treatment of corona is ‘Evidence Based’, that is, this drug is based on evidence.

‘All Parameters for Coronil Followed’

Baba Ramdev said on the occasion of the drug launch that, all the parameters for this drug have been followed. Many people raised questions about Coronil, people look with suspicion. Baba Ramdev said that this successful research has been possible to liberate the world from the epidemic like Karona by the scientist and effort of Patanjali Research Institute. This drug attempts to disrupt the functioning of the corona entering your body.

No salutation without a miracle: Gadkari

Baba Ramdev said that ‘Some people take medicines for business, but we have made medicines for treatment and treatment.’ He said that ‘I want the WHO to have its head office in India after a time’. On this occasion, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that ‘no miracle happens without a miracle’ He said that continuous research is the need of the hour.

‘The whole world has recognized Ayurveda’

Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that many countries of the world Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China have implemented Ayurveda of India in their regular medicine system. He said that a doctor with having a degree in Ayurveda can go and practice in these countries. He said that information about Ayurveda is available from Vedas to all places. In 2014, when I got a chance to become Health Minister for a short time. PM Modi established the Ministry of AYUSH in 2014, Baba Ramdev has a dream in the context of Ayurveda.

Coronil drug price

The price of Coronil medicine has been kept at Rs 535. On the occasion of Patanjali’s corona drug launch, Baba Ramdev said that the work of Modi government is seen on the land in 6 lakh 38 thousand villages. Praising Union Minister Nitin Gadkari at the launch, he said that he has reduced the distance from Haridwar to Delhi from 6 hours to three hours.


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