Auto ambulance service started for Corona patients, equipped with these special facilities

Auto ambulance service
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Noida: Arbitrary robbery cases have also been reported in the name of ambulance service among the coronavirus. By the way, some ambulances are trying to rob people in difficult times. In such a situation, the Noida traffic police have started a new facility of an auto ambulance for the families given the problems of the patient and their family. DCP Ganesh Saha launched the auto ambulance facility at the police office located in Sector-14 on Monday.

Ambulance drivers were also trained to assist the afflicted patient following safety protocols after being trained in collaboration with Fortis Hospital. What and how the drivers should try to save the patient’s life. Information was also given about this. DCP Traffic P Ganesh Shaha said that on the first day, five auto ambulances were dispatched by installing the necessary equipment related to the ambulance. In addition to oxygen cylinders including regulators, oximeters, PPE kits, globs, masks were given.

The DCP said that given the Corona epidemic, a group of 20 autos has been prepared by the traffic police to use as an ambulance and oxygen vehicle to provide immediate assistance to the common people in emergencies. The needy person can avail of this facility by taking the mobile number of the auto driver from the traffic police helpline number 9971009001. The rest of the autos will also be added to this service in the coming days. Running the auto ambulance will also provide a lot of convenience to the patients in rural areas.


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