Amidst the Corona crisis, robbery of oxygen cylinders, the surgeon said – If the situation does not change, we will stop treatment

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New Delhi: After the voting of the by-election in Damoh, the rapid Corona transition has made the situation frightening and the pictures that are coming out are going to shake. In the midst of uncontrollable conditions, the common man is intent on robbery, so in these conditions, Doctors and Pera Medical Staff (Medical) is threatening to stop work.

During the night, the chimney cylinders of patients are being looted from the Oxygen storeroom. This Alam belongs to the largest government hospital in Damoh where the patients of Covid are full and the families of people struggling with oxygen shortage are robbing Oxygen Cylinder. For the past two days, the robbery of the cylinder in the district hospital is going on like this and due to this robbery, the supply of oxygen in the wards can affect the lives of the patients admitted in the ICU ward.

A similar robbery took place here late on Tuesday and the Timardars misbehaved with the Para Medical Staff and the staff and doctors stopped working. After which the situation was deteriorating, but the nursing staff and doctors started working again after a few minutes, showing humanity. The hospital’s civil surgeon and CMHO had to come.

A similar situation was created on Monday, after which the civil surgeon demanded protection in the hospital premises and especially the oxygen storeroom, but SP did not pay attention to which the civil surgeon kept screaming. Seeing these conditions, now the Civil Surgeon is saying that if this happens, she will stop the work, although the Collector of the district says that after the incident it has been decided that a criminal case will be registered against such people.


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