Amid oxygen supply shortage, patients continue to succumb to COVID-19

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In the deadly wave of Corona, lack of oxygen is blooming in the country, the situation is very serious in the capital Delhi. In many hospitals, the lack of oxygen is putting the lives of patients, the gap of life and death is waiting for the never-ending wait for oxygen. Today, 8 patients lost their lives due to lack of this life at Nami Batra Hospital in Delhi.

Non-officials said that the dead included the HOD of the Department of Gastroenterology.
Medical Director of Batra Hospital, Delhi, Dr SCL Gupta said that 2 Covid patients died in the ICU ward and 6 in the main ward (due to lack of oxygen). Could not save them even after lakhs of attempts. Ever since this wave has entered the country, we have been demanding oxygen from the government.

He said that our executive directors are in regular contact with the government officials concerned and updating them about our oxygen stock. Inox and Goyal – two oxygen suppliers supply oxygen to us. None of them picks up our call.

Before Batra Hospital, 20 patients also died in Jaipur Golden Hospital also due to lack of oxygen, the deadly virus of Corona has punctured the wheel of the country’s health system. Due to lack of treatment, people are dying, who are getting destined for the hospital.

The shortage of medicines and oxygen is overshadowed by those patients.
The situation is so bad that the court has to be reprimanded, again and again, the number of corona patients in the country is continuously increasing. Severe symptoms are also seen in more patients than before. The failure of the system along with the deadly virus of the corona is suffocating the patients. Lack of oxygen is becoming the biggest cause of death.

There is a clear lack of coordination in the Delhi government to deal with the lack of oxygen. The victim of this extreme system became another lively person. Advocate Chetan Singh, who raised his voice on many issues in this show, has been silenced forever.


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