Alia Bhatt Sent Surprise For Corona Warriors, People Are Praising

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New Delhi: Corona Warriors are committing their lives to save the lives of the patients of Korana who are facing the crisis of Coronavirus epidemic. Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has boosted her morale in a unique way by seeing her work day and night and her passion to save people from disease. Alia Bhatt has sent a surprise gift to the Corona Warriors. There is also a special sweet message with this gift.

To revive the country from the crisis of Corona epidemic, Bollywood stars are helping the people by rising and giving assistance in the PM Cares Fund. Almost all the Bollywood stars are helping Corona in their battle. Amidst all this, Alia Bhatt is engaged in boosting the morale of the Corona Warriors. In this sequence, he has done some new work. Alia Bhatt has sent a special surprise to the Corona Warriors on her behalf, which is being praised not only by the Corona Warriors but also their fans.

Let us know that a doctor working in KEM Hospital in Mumbai has made this surprise and the note of Alia Bhatt viral on social media. Dr Shripad Gangapurkar shared a picture on his Twitter and called Alia a thank you on his behalf. In the picture shared by Dr Shripad, a gift bar shows a chocolate bar, sweet bun, a snack with a drink. Also, a thank you note is written on a paper. On the note sticking in the box, Alia has sent a message that ‘Thank you, whatever you are doing to keep people healthy and safe. You are a real hero.

In response to this morale surprise of Alia Bhatt, Dr Shripad has also given a message on his behalf, writing, ‘Thank you, Alia Bhatt, for this sweet surprise. Your gift is very special during the dangerous time of coronavirus epidemic.

Let us tell that this surprise gift of Alia has been given to all doctors in Mumbai and this has been confirmed by Dr Shripad Gangapurkar as well. He wrote on Twitter, “Alia Bhatt has sent these chocolates to all doctors and health workers to fight the coronavirus epidemic in Mumbai.” This unique initiative of Alia Bhatt is getting much praise on social media.

Here Alia Bhatt herself is spending her time in her housework by staying at home in lockdown. Recently, his new hair cut has also been well-liked on Instagram. On her haircut picture, Alia wrote that, after 60 days, I have become better in strong, fit and burps. I have become better at jumping rope. I have become better at push-ups. Passionate for running, super obsessed for eating right and waiting for the next challenge.


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