Ajay Devgn, Anand Pandit will open Covid care centres in Mumbai, will bear the cost of treatment

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn and producer Anand Pandit set a great example of serving people in the Corona era. Together, the two have opened Covid Care Centers in some places in Mumbai. It has facilities ranging from ICUs, oxygen to ventilators. Only last week Ajay Devgn converted a marriage hall in Dadar into a Covid Care Center. At this centre, 20 beds, oxygen, ICU and ventilator facilities were made available to the patients.

‘Idea belonged to Ajay Devgn’

Ajay Devgn was praised all around for this noble cause. It is said that Anand Pandit, the producer of films like ‘Thank God’ and ‘Big Bull’, also assisted in carrying out this work. Now both of them want to establish this service work in more places as well. According to a report by Pinkvilla, the idea was of Ajay Devgn. Anand says that in today’s era, there is a lot of pressure on the medical field. In such a situation, we thought that something should be done out of the way and something should be returned to society.

3 Covid Care Centers to open in Mumbai

Anand says that after the Covid Care Center in Dadar, we plan to open two more centres. These centres will be opened in Juhu and Borivali. A school in Juhu has been converted into a Covid Care Center. It will have 25 beds. It is expected to be operational by next week. Although there will not be the facility of ICU here, there will be the provision of oxygen. We are also thinking of adding Amitabh Bachchan sir in this work. He is always positive in such welfare work.

‘We will bear the cost of treatment completely’

According to Anand, the Borivali Center will also have around 25 beds. Its work is still going on. However, the plan is to arrange 75 beds in different parts of Mumbai. This will help people. We are taking the help of doctors and other experts from many hospitals. We will bear the cost of treatment completely. Apart from this, Anand’s team is helping to provide oxygen concentrator to many NGOs. He says, “We need the basic things for the Covid facility and we are taking it from the registered vendors. We are also taking the help of experts and guidance from local doctors for this.


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