After LOCKDOWN is over, such a system will remain at the airport, make preparations in advance or regret it

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New Delhi: After Lockdown, it is obvious that you will use flights for travel. You are already using many security measures regarding Coronavirus infection. But at the airport you will see different methods of rescue being used. Let us tell you what you have to take care of after the lockdown is over.

The boarding pass will have special preparation. Experts say that passengers coming to the airport will be expected to print their boarding pass from home. Every passenger has to bring their name and flight details highlighted so that the paper does not need to hold the other person in the hand.

These rules may also apply
– It is necessary to apply the mask at the airport at all times.
– Everywhere from the escalator to the land, the trail maintaining the social distancing must be followed.

This will be the preparation for the airport. According to the information so far after the lockdown opens, the Terminal-3 airport of Delhi is expected to open first. The trolley placed at the airport will also pass through the trolley disinfection tunnel. Q managers will be deployed at various places, who will work to maintain social distance. Seating arrangements will be made at the check-in counter and chairs will be placed so that the queue does not get too crowded. There will be a separate dustbin for the masks and gloves used. Apart from this, a sanitizer will be kept at the airport so that the passengers keep cleaning their hands without any hassle.

It is noteworthy that all the airports have been closed for passengers since the lockdown was implemented. It is expected that airports will be opened after May 17.


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