A tanker carrying oxygen from Odisha goes missing; Andhra Police saves 400 lives

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Amravati: Andhra Pradesh Police tracked down a missing oxygen tanker and tracked it down. After this, by making a green corridor and delivering it on time, the lives of about 400 patients admitted to the hospital were saved.

The tanker went missing late on Thursday

According to the police, a tanker (Oxygen Tanker) carrying 18 tonnes of oxygen from Odisha went missing late Thursday night. According to the police, oxygen was being supplied to about 400 patients undergoing treatment with this tanker at the Government General Hospital in Vijayawada. The hospital administration was eagerly waiting for the tanker as it was a matter related to the lives of the people.

Tanker tracking system failed

Meanwhile, the tanker’s tracking system failed. After which the Commissioner of Police of Vijayawada sent a message to the Chiefs of Police of all the districts falling between Odisha to Vijayawada and appealed to find the Oxygen Tanker. Andhra Pradesh Police teams finally found the missing tanker at a Dhaba in Dharmavaram in East Godavari district.

Driver stopped to rest

Investigation revealed that the driver had stopped at the Dhaba to rest due to fatigue. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the police placed a home guard with the driver in a tanker (Oxygen Tanker). After this, he made a Green Corridor and brought it to Vijayawada. Due to the timely availability of oxygen, 400 patients admitted to the hospital were saved.


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