A booster dose of corona vaccine to be taken every 6 months? WHO responds with this answer

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New Delhi: Whether a booster dose of Corona Vaccine will be needed or not, it will be properly assessed in a year. Giving this information, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that research is going on around the world, which may take about 1 year to complete. Only then it will be clear how important the booster dose of COVID-19 is.

Vaccine effect lasts for 6 months

According to the research so far, the effect of the vaccine will last for 6 months. Although scientists have said that this vaccine can strengthen our immunity for many years to come. But still, more research is needed on this. The Central Government has also made it clear that the vaccine cannot give 100% protection from the virus. NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul had said in a press conference that, ‘Study on booster dose is going on. If a booster dose is needed, people will be informed about it.’

Discussion started after the statement of American Scientist

Actually, this discussion started when US epidemiologist Dr Anthony Fauci said that people who get the coronavirus vaccine will need a booster shot. Fauci said, ‘I do not think that the duration of protection from the vaccine is going to be infinite. This will not happen. So I think we will need a booster shot. We are currently finding out how much time the booster shot should be given after getting the vaccine.’

Bharat Biotech starts trial of booster dose

Let us tell you that in the corona epidemic these days the virus is becoming infectious by mutating continuously. In such a situation, even the anti-body made from the old dosage is not able to work many times. Then a booster dose is needed to stop the mutated virus. Due to this, Bharat Biotech has started the trial on the third booster dose of Covaccine on Tuesday. In this trial, it will be tested whether a booster dose can create an immune response that lasts for many years.


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