30 Cities Of These 10 States Become A Challenge For The Country, Corona Infection Is Spreading Here Fastest

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New Delhi: 30 municipal districts in 10 states of the country remain a challenge for the country regarding Corona (COVID-19). In these areas, corona infection is spreading fastest in the country. According to the Union Ministry of Health (Health Ministry), 80 per cent of corona infection cases of the country fall under the ambit of these 30 urban bodies.

On Saturday, the Health Secretary held a meeting with the officials of the most affected urban bodies in the country. There was a detailed discussion in the meeting to prevent infection. In this meeting, besides Health Secretary Preeti Sudan, the commissioners of these 30 urban bodies, District Collectors and Principal Secretary of the respective states participated. During this period, the emphasis was placed on monitoring in the old city areas, urban slums, migrant workers’ camps and densely populated areas.

These 10 states have 30 most affected corporate sector

The 30 most corona affected municipal corporations in the country are in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa. During the meeting, the emphasis was laid on timely identification of the patient and attention to influenza-like illness (ILI) / severe respiratory infection to improve the recovery percentage. In the meeting, a presentation was given about the status of infection in the districts. At the same time, there was intense brainstorming about what the high-risk factor is.

Officers of these 30 municipal bodies have been told about how to manage the high dabbling rate in the Containment Zone. According to the Union Health Ministry, “It is revealed that these densely populated areas have limited health facilities, social distancing is not being taken care of. There are many challenges before women.” So far, 30,150 people have been cured of the disease all over the country and in the last 24 hours, 2,233 patients have been cured, which is the highest number of people to be cured in a day. The Health Ministry said that the rate of recovery has now gone up to 35.09 per cent. The total infection cases in the country are 85,940 of which 3,970 cases have been reported during the last 24 hours.


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